Avrupa Vocational College

Avrupa Vocational College was founded by Avrupa Education Foundation. Avrupa Vocational College
was founded by European Education Foundation in 2009. The educational objective of the school is
to provide vocational education with international qualities. It has incorporated the academics who
are renowned across the country and are experts in their fields in order to reach its goal. Solution

Partnerships have been established in the relevant sectorial branches.
Applied education that is spread to the entire year is provided at Avrupa Vocational College.
Providing an effective education to its students, the college prepares its alumni to the work life with
high self-confidence in order to ensure them to participate in the international labor movement.
Avrupa Vocational College has taken important steps in terms of institutional development under
the norms and standards foreseen by the Higher Education Council.

Phone: 0090 (392) 365 39 90
Fax: 0090 (392) 365 39 94
Kuzey Kıbrıs Türk Cumhuriyeti (Merkez ) Ofisi Eşref Bitlis Cad.
Gazimağusa – KKTC
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