English preparation School

The Mission of the Ada Kent Prep School

Our university accepts English, a world language of science, as the medium of instruction in order to
be able to train individuals who are highly competent and qualified to be employed worldwide and can
undertake responsibilities in the international arena. We would like to ensure that our students
achieve high levels of academic success in core subjects and therefore, we require all our applicants
to show proof of a threshold level of English proficiency. We offer one year English Language
Preparation Program for those students, who do not have such proficiency.
The primary goals of the Prep School is to enable its international students to attain an excellent level
of English language skills for academic, professional and personal purposes. For some of our
students, the prep school will be the first place they will be introduced to English language and for
others it will serve as a school to strengthen and build upon their already existing language skills.

Our language program is based on Jim Cummins’ theory of English proficiency and English for
Specific Purposes (ESP) methodology. According to Cummins, there are two kinds of English
proficiency: Basic Interpersonal Conversational Skills (BICS) and Cognitive Academic Language
Proficiency (CALP). While BICS works on functional English for everyday survival and social
situations, usually dealing with familiar topics CALP works for academic and professional situations
often dealing with unfamiliar topics and authentic materials. ESP focuses on developing the language
skills related in content (themes and topics) to particular disciplines or occupations.

To this end, our program is designed to ensure the following

– Development of Basic Interpersonal Conversational Skills (BICS) in English to gain language

skills needed in social situations;

– Development of Cognitive Academic Language Proficiency (CALP) to gain academic skills in

English in the areas of listening, speaking, reading and writing to become proficient in

academic areas;

– Development of professional knowledge and skills using the English language competently;

– Development of 21 st century skills by supporting learner autonomy and study skills, creative

and critical thinking, collaboration among learners and intercultural understanding and


– Development of lifelong learners.

To meet these goals, the program provides

– highly-qualified and dedicated instructors and staff;

– a challenging and supportive instructional environment that fosters active learning, open

communication and the appreciation of multicultural perspectives;

– an up-to- date English language curriculum to support the development of BICS and CALP

simultaneously while at the same time addressing the needs of the learners in a variety of

different academic areas through the use of English for Specific Purposes methodology;

– English language teaching methodologies and materials that reflect latest developments and


– engagement with programs and projects with international partners.


Phone: 0090 (392) 365 39 90
Fax: 0090 (392) 365 39 94
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