Why UCI/ Our Differences

“Holistic Education”


Flex Classes


The reflection of the developments in the technology to the educational environment has provided the opportunity to use new educational methods and techniques. The proliferation of mobile communication channels makes it possible to utilize the time outside the class for preparation and to carry out important education processes such as evaluation.

In the Flipped Classroom model which is a recently emerging educational approach, teaching theoretical knowledge is carried out with the assistance of materials such as course videos and articles, Excel files, PDFs, visuals, images and Powerpoint slideshows prepared by the academics.
Thus, the transfer of the knowledge, learning in groups and similar activities which are the higher levels of thinking skills that must be owned by advanced people of the 21st Century can be carried out within the classrooms. Thus, the area for learning in groups turns into a flipped learning environment. This phenomenon contributes to the creation of an environment where the students can combine the concept with the subjects in a creative way. The academics and the students have the opportunity to have a more prepared, intensive and application-oriented class in the class hours.

As the University of City Island, we have designed Flex Classes with an approach that can differentiate our classroom designs according to the content and the method by combining it with this approach. Thus, we ensure providing a more quality education to our students thanks to the thinking and information processing methods of the modern era.


It provides both working in education opportunities 2/8 students.


The University of City Island provides the opportunity for the willing students to improve themselves in terms of social and cultural aspects by providing them orking opportunities within the campus
along with its application oriented education approach. The willing students can search for their employment opportunities by contacting the Career Center.





The campus of a university is a lively place in the center of the city. All of its units are providing

services for 24/7.

Our campus is providing free broadband internet service for 24 hours with its powerful computing

infrastructure. An unlimited and secure digital network has been established for research,
communication and sharing.

Our educational buildings have an active, social and lively life. The cafes and restaurants which are
open for 24 hours, the store which is always at service as well as the clubrooms for the meetings of
the student clubs are available for use at any moment.

There are free shuttles to Nicosia, Kyrenia and Morhou.

In our campus which adopted the practice of open space, our students can carry out their social

cultural and academic activities by using the theater halls, art workshops and laboratories anytime

they wish. All students can meet all of their social cultural needs within the campus. There are

cafeterias, restaurants, stores, dormitories, arts and cultural spaces available within the campus.

Our campus is protected for 24/7.



International environment


Famagusta where our university is located is a multicultural living center where the students from
more than 110 countries live in.Our university has a location which is easily accessible for all students from Europe, Asia and Africa.

It is a university where the distinguished scientists are at service. It is among our most important
principles to respect all kinds of opinions, values, beliefs and cultures and to keep them alive in our
campus where different cultures co-exist. There are special areas constructed for the individuals to
live in their values freely and to know about the other cultures.

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